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Armaf Tres Nuit Cologne by Armaf, This lovely fragrance for men could well be the ideal aroma for a spring or summer evening out. The top notes of lemon, lemon verbena and iris project a light air of sweetness and freshness to Armaf Tres Nuit. As the name implies, this nuanced fragrance is best worn after the sun goes down. The middle notes of violet and lavender continue the cheerful theme, with a hint of spice, too. The more exotic notes of ambergris and sandalwood round out the base scale of scents.

From the United Arab Emirates, Armaf is a popular designer for European markets in both men and women’s fragrances. It makes dozens of scents for clients wishing to combine style and elegance with realistic pricing.

Armaf T res Nuit is that nice mix of quality ingredients and affordability from Armaf. This graceful fragrance avoids a synthetic flavor coupled with reasonable longevity and modest sillage.

Armaf Tres Nuit M

Size: 3.4 OZ
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