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212 Vip Rose Perfume by Carolina Herrera, Meant to embody fun, elegance and glamor, 212 Vip Rose is ideal for when you go out for a night of fun without a care in the world. This perfume from Carolina Herrera launched in 2014, and it was inspired by the atmosphere you are typically surrounded by at New York parties. Its opening showcases its wild nature with notes of roses and champagne. The heart brings out a sweet peach tree blossom accord. Finally, the base ends softly with amber, musk and queen wood.

Carolina Herrera found instant success in the fashion world when she launched her own brand. The chic apparel became widely popular, and this led way to the company developing its own fragrances. In just a few short decades, the company has been responsible for creating over 100 unique aromas.

Lucas Sieuzac is a French perfumer who developed 212 Vip Rose. He comes from a family of perfumers, and in 2013, he was awarded the Centre de Luxe et de la Creation. 

CH 212 VIP Rose W

$149.99 Regular Price
$85.49Sale Price
Size: 3.4 OZ
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