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Givenchy (Purple Box) Cologne by Givenchy, Givenchy (Purple Box) is a cologne designed in 2002 for the stylish gentleman. The scent opens with the citrus notes of mandarin orange and grapefruit accompanied by the floral violet and woody coriander. The middle notes include lavender extract and vetiver, a fragrant grass native to India valued for its green and earthy aroma. To complete the scent, the base notes are a perfect combination of cedar’s dry wood and labdanum’s sweet, leathery musk. The result is a polished and masculine aroma guaranteed to leave a genteel impression. With average longevity and moderate sillage, this cologne strikes the perfect note.

Givenchy was founded in 1952 by the French Count Hubert de Givenchy. They have worked with a number of celebrities, including Justin Timberlake and Liv Tyler, to created unique, memorable perfumes. In fact, their very first scent was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, for whom they created many film costumes as well as designing her personal wardrobe. 

Givenchy (purple Box) Cologne

$159.97 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price
Size: 3.3 OZ
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