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Pure Blanc Cologne by Karen Low, Pure Blanc is a fragrance for men. The meaning of the name is pure white. The scent is meant to portray a tidy, clean, extravagant aroma producing an atmosphere of confidence and superiority. Many scents combine to create the fashionable fragrance. Suede, a particular finish of leather, opens the scent with a rich, yet soft and delicate, scent. Next comes violet leaf, a European violet, brings a floral and medicinal smell to the mix. Next comes musk. This earthy, base scent is a great foundation for the next aroma in the fragrance, which is exotic woods. Woodsy smells include pine, floral, fruity, and basic scents. An exotic smell may include scents from forests around the world, including special fruits, tree, and flower smells. The last note of this cologne is ambergris. This is another earthy scent, best described as marine, animalic, and sweet. The rarity of this smell makes the fragrance rare and special, as well.

Karen Low released this cologne in 2010. The moderate sillage contributes to the bold atmosphere that the fragrance displays.


$79.99 Regular Price
$44.79Sale Price
Size: 3.4 OZ
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