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Vince Camuto Bella Perfume by Vince Camuto, Feel every bit like a charming young lady when you wear Vince Camuto Bella, a delightful women’s fragrance. This mesmerizing perfume combines citrus, floral and sensual accords for a dazzling array of only four ingredients that manages to come across as a beautiful, complex aroma. The top note of sparkling bergamot lends a bright and energetic citrus vibe, full of zest and vibrancy that keeps you alert and lively throughout the day. Meanwhile, heart notes of breezy nectarine blossom and exquisite jasmine water incorporate a lush, floral bouquet that’s tantalizing and endlessly feminine. Finally, the silky base note of white amber creates a soothing, seductive haze over the mix for an altogether divine and captivating perfume that makes for a great accessory during special occasions.

Vince Camuto Bella Perfume

$119.99 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price
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