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Vince Camuto Eterno Cologne by Vince Camuto, Redefine yourself as the charismatic and refined gentleman you always hoped you’d be when you’re wearing Vince Camuto Eterno, a bold men’s fragrance. This dynamic cologne blends spicy, green and aromatic accords for an intriguing and electrifying scent that’s bound to get you noticed whenever you enter a room. Top notes of smooth, cool mint mixed with a variety of citrus elements introduces the aroma with a vibrant and exuberant atmosphere. Meanwhile, heart notes of spicy black Bourbon pepper and saffron flower create an Oriental vibe that’s entirely masculine and enticing. Finishing off the cologne are base notes of fresh-cut cedar and green patchouli for an earthy fresh completion you and everyone around you won’t be able to ignore.

Vince Camuto Eterno Cologne

$114.26 Regular Price
$79.98Sale Price
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